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Insight training: offers bespoke training in the area of eating disorders and mental health. We have a range of highly specialised clinicians available and run regular events.


Insighteating: A highly specialised outpatients service for all kinds of eating difficulties and eating disorders. We combine Dietetics and psychology to support individualised care and evidenced-based treatments.

Self Help

MyTransistions: A specialised Guided Self Help Intervention for eating disorders. This manualised intervention recommended by NICE for Binge Eating and Bulimia Nervosa. Manuals can be ordered via the website and training Is available to any clinician working in the field of eating disorders. A digital version of the manual coming soon.

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Media & Radio

Ursula is proud to provide a number of key services through her business network. Our team and partners provide a host of important support services for patients, family and professionals.

As seen on:

Ursula is was the on-screen Dietitian for Channel 4 television’s Supersize vs Superskinny and is a regular contributor to BBC Breakfast and other media channels.  She has a specialist interest in nutrition, disordered eating, mental health and all types of weight management.

Frequently asked questions

I work with all forms of disordered eating and eating disorders, mental health conditions and autism, working to improve people’s relationship with food. I offer skype/teams/video/email and phone session.

It very much depends on the severity of the problem. Some people see improvements after just a few session, whilst other need longer term work .

I am happy to offer consultancy or assessments or reports on an individual basis.

Yes, I offer a range of options. Please see link to insighttraining, or email me and let me know what you are looking for.

It is possible to from eating difficulties at any stage, and research shows that people can and do recover from severe or enduring difficulties. Everyone is different and the pace at which they can change is different, but we all have the capacity to change.

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